Saturday, November 7, 2015

heads up

I noticed today that there seems to be a new kind of spammer around,  I've had two people (each with five names) commenting on my latest post:  clicking on their blogsite shows that they have very similar blog lists,  clicking on their profile photo and looking for the image online at Google shows photos that have nothing to do with their blog names.
aha, she said. aha.

I just noticed Ron. Lavalette has one of those, as well.
I think of them as the "Five Namers"--nothing flashy, but the names and the photos dont go together, and the three or four word comments seem oddly placed.

anyone here getting comments from Five Namers, check out the profile image in Google images, see what you get.

I deleted both of mine but there are probably more to come.  Traffic is lovely, but not this kind. (She said, loading salt pellets in her over-under)


  1. I've noticed that lately spam is flattering comments, probably designed to catch me off guard! doesn't work, though, especially when, as yesterday, the spammer addressed me by a name of the wrong sex, wrong initial, just wrong name. Talk about a giveaway.

  2. I went off to google over-under! evidently not an article of clothing.

  3. Definitely not, not if you're putting rock salt in it. lol

    I can usually tell a spammer or hacker by the barely literate (or way too literate) response to absolutely nothing Ive said. Click.
    but these were very bizarre, and they seemed of a pattern, so out they went.

  4. I don't know what spammers gain. Who buys what they are selling? Gnats of the internet. It discourages me to silence, my energy being less peppery than yours i guess.

  5. possibly the same mentality that seems to enjoy cheating in a free game with the only reward being a win and some brag points. Because it's there, or "Because i can".