Thursday, October 1, 2015

to be grateful 13 times

1.  that at 70 I'm in as good condition as I am
2. we had rain yesterday, more tomorrow
3. I'm ahead of the garden, for once
4. that deer come to the apple trees to feed
5. that turkeys march across our driveway as if they owned it
6. maybe the drought is over
7. I'm no shorter than I was last year
8. whatever memory I still have is still spot on, it just takes longer to get to it
9. most of our wood is in
10.  the cats are getting along (sort of)
11. we haven't lost the power lately
12. yay it's october
13. in about 13 weeks more or less the days start getting longer =)

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Hm, maybe I should be making a list...

  2. it's sort of like counting your blessings but not as icky. =)

  3. Some good items to be grateful for. My T13

  4. oh, so do I. I start counting down on the 22 of June, every year, and my husband is not allowed to even HINT that the days might just be getting a tad shorter, at least until August. Why spoil the illusion.

  5. A great list Mittens. Especially no.13 and no.8 :-)

  6. well thank you.

    Just looked at your photos, very impressive. I may have to start shooting in black and white again, I keep forgetting that texture/contrast gets lost, sometimes, with color.

    Thanks for stopping by, drop in anytime, (I have cookies.)