Saturday, October 17, 2015

dry leaves sound like the rain (6WS)

the wind is shaking the leaves loose
everything is in motion


  1. I, too, have noted this sonic phenomenon. Lovely & restful.

  2. Tonya, don't know where it went, but your comment was accepted and never showed up. maybe it's on the slow train...

    Ron., I like it too, except when I wake at 3 am and run around closing all the windows...omg, she thinks, its raining out and I never covered the wood...

  3. I like them on the ground so I can scrunch through them, but not too many or the trees will be bare :(

  4. they do sound like rain! Cheers it's raining here ...yay!

  5. Yay you, rain =)
    we need it badly here, its like living in the desert right now, color or no color. Wood's stacked, and covered, all we need is about three inches of rain...and then three more lol.

  6. I never thought of that - I guess they do.

    Dropping by from the SWS linkup