Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thinking Out Loud (2) On 6WS

Rain, finally.  We have had no appreciable rain since March.  It sprinkled a few times, we had one thunderstorm in August,  one last week (which took out two of our kitchen light bulbs),  and even the big maples in the yard were beginning to wilt.  Rain yesterday, a good solid soaker.   We need a week of this,  and then another week, just to catch up.

Last week I noticed that frogs (not toads) were living in the woodpiles,  because it's cool and damp. So I put out a huge heavy waiter's tray beside the woodpile, filled it with water, put a few sticks around it for verisimilitude, an old footstool on top for shade, and a bunch of hay and weedy things. Ten minutes, and I heard splashing.  lol.

In the late evening, when it's nearly dark, I can once again hear whippoorwills, and early early in the morning.  Far from here, maybe down near the stream at the end of the road.  But definite and distinct.  To a forest dweller, whippoorwills are the equivalent of  loons to a lake dweller.


  1. I love that you made a little pond for your frogs. Last night was the first serious rain we've had since...June. All of the lawns are dry and brown and crunchy underfoot.

    It's been so dry here, and hot this past week, that I put water out for the birds. Just a pie pan and a square tin pan, but goodness, they've been gathering around and splashing and drinking. It makes me happy to do such a small thing and reap the reward of watching them enjoy the little oasis.

    Oh, a whippoorwill. Lucky you. A nightbird would trill out of the little patch of trees behind my apartment building last summer, but I haven't heard it this year.

    Oh, but the thought of your frogs splashing in long needed water makes me smile.

  2. Memorable musings! I am glad the frogs enjoyed your ministrations

  3. Thanks, Mlissabeth, I was absolutely startled that they took to it so quickly. I looked in at one point and the frog I saw was huge, the size of a fair sized toad, so even in the dry weather they've thrived.

    Those woodpiles seem to attract everything as a kind of temp den--spotted newts, woodchucks, mouse nests, frogs, toads, chipmunks...have to be careful when I dismantle it that I don't squash someone in the process.

  4. The frogs obviously appreciated your work! As for the rain . . feels like it's rained here since March lol. xx

  5. Hi, Lizzie. So that's where all our rain has gone.. Give it back.

    Laurel, yeah, I finally realized far too late in the season that I really should do something, and it seemed to work. I have three salvation army serving trays (big round plastic shallow dishes) each with a rock in the center and water to the rim. If nothing else, something can drink out of them.

    My favorite bird bath tree (the kind you can hang stuff on) had to come down this year and ive been hunting for something that will satisfy them and me.