Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Chipmunk in the Dining Room (6WS)

I have a chipmunk in the dining room. Yesterday afternoon I went in there for something and  heard a terrified shriek from under the small bookcase between the windows. Oh dear, I thought. We have a guest.
So I left the window up, a chipmunk sized but not cat-sized opening,  and closed the door on my way out.  He shrieked once more and was still.

This morning I went in to see how things were going and he screamed at me again.  The cat came hurrying over, surely intent on comforting his new best friend, but I put him outside the room and closed the door.  Cat food, I thought.  Little chipmunk-sized kibble.  And water. Can't have him dehydrating on me.  The kibble leads to the chair placed artfully and invitingly in front of the table that leads to the outside.

This is his last chance to figure it out. By tomorrow morning if he's still here I'm letting the cat in.  There is a limit, and I so do not want to be sharing quarters with an overfed chipmunk and all his friends...


  1. poor little guy- maybe you know someone who has a haveaheart trap- or here's a link:

  2. i have a havahart, but its for much much larger critters, and by the time I got a new one it would be way way too late. Usually they go to ground in a place somewhere under the fridge or behind the washer, and its hard to give them the Private Time they need, since there are no doors there. Im hoping this is one of the smarter ones. No idea how he got in, maybe he just saw an opening somewhere and got curious.

    Usually if they show themselves I can get a glass or something over them, and then release them back into a safe place outside. At least he wont starve along the way.
    Yeah, I put houseflies out, too-- and Im in the Wasp Release program, and a charter member of Save-the-Voles.

  3. I hope the poor wee beastie is out by now!

    Six Words

  4. I hope so too, im about to open the door and see what happens. If nothing else, in about three days we'll know he didnt make it. =(

  5. Jeeze...I miss all these shenanigans while I'm away... Will read further for update.

  6. theres not been a sound in there for two days. either he scorned the free food and left or scorned the free food and died.
    It's pretty either/or in these situations (try not to fret) and I like to fee that Darwin's law obtains: the smart ones can figure out the clues, the dumb ones dont live long enough to reproduce. Sort of like humans.

  7. I love chipmunks. I have a pitcture somwhere on my blog of one eating out of my hand. A few years ago, I discovered that they are much smarter than I had assumed. They learn quickly.

    However, it won't be too interested in cat food. They are vegetarians. I find that they love bird seed, sunflower seeds, peanuts. They don't usually make homes inside houses. I can't imagine what this one was thinking.

    But, I'm afraid they lead short, perilous little lives.

  8. They are definitely bright, and greedy. As I found out on a hiking trip two years ago, freeloaders if given the chance and the food. They also will eat sandwiches.

    I suspect my Mighty Hunter cat may have brought him in and lost him under the furniture. Charlie is a determined hunter, but a poor one, thank heaven. I figgered with the window open and the door shut the chippy might make the connection. Time will tell.

    And cat kibble is usually veggie heavy, so he may have just scorned it. Who knows. We does what we can, and hope the God of Small Furry Animals is paying attention.
    thank you for the comment. Drop in any time =)