Saturday, May 16, 2015

never count the old tree out--part 2

a year ago last october I posted  pictures of our old apple tree in the back field:

the tree had rescued itself from firewood status by suddenly sprouting leaves--and eventually produced two apples.

today I went out to take a look at the tree, and found this:

I'd say, by and large, it's doing quite well for an old lady tree,
in spite of the sags and wrinkles and bits falling off here and there,
And maybe, come this October, there will be apples again.


  1. She's bent over cane-like but still has more to give.

  2. i hadnt noticed that colleen, but youre right it does look like a cane =)
    This has been one of those amazing apple tree springs, every tree has been just swathed in flowers--no rain, meaning the bees have been at it 12 hours a day--and i expect an awful lot of fruit this fall. maybe even some of it edible.
    and I look forward to whatever our Old Lady produces as well...