Friday, March 13, 2015


which is where I seem to be right now

ad on a local radio station which always reminds me of how the other 99% of the world lives

"our house was so drafty and cold  all last winter it was like living in a refrigerator.  Why we had to wear two sweaters just to keep warm... "   Poor babies. they couldnt just wear long underwear and slipper socks and a scarf and maybe a nice heavy down vest like the rest of us???

I know we are on the other side of winter here, because no matter how cold it really is at any given moment,  or how high the snow is, we keep forgetting to feed the fiyahs.  They get restarted a LOT now.    I would say that psychologically wintah is ovah.  Now if we could just convince the weather gods.
The light suddenly seems different.  The sun now rises way over there instead of directly across the field, and of course its been sliding northward for 2 1/2 months, we just havent noticed.  And in a very few days it will be the first of spring.  (fist pump)  

When I was a little girl one of my favorite books was one of Robert Louis Stevenson's, with charming 30s type pictures of little boys and girls playing with hoops and kittens and such...and one which always puzzled me--the poem for March (or spring, anyway) showed a little girl on a swing, green grass all around her, and she is wearing a little girl dress and a sweater...
I had no knowledge of Britain  or different climates, and it was very hard to relate to that little girl on her swing,  wearing only summery clothes outside in March...

Sorry about the lack of anything in here,  i think im in brain freeze right now.  no promises, no guarantees.  Ill leave the cookie jar here and the coffee urn. help yourselves in the meantime



  1. Well, considering he lived in Samoa, I doubt if he knew anything about the Marches of my youf in northern England, where the howling winds and sleet and rain and general Marchness would knock a kid off that swing in a jiffy.

    Daffodils that brave the winds of March, etc., as the rotten old poet said...

  2. oh yes and in my youf here in northern new england we were still knee deep in snow, ice, and heavy wool snowsuits that made movement impossible and boots that had to be hammered on like horseshoes every day. I always felt sorry for horses after that...did I mention the six mile walk both ways through blinding snow, to the one room school at the top of the road?

  3. Try leaving an empty jar there, I would throw in a few coins, and yes dear, winter is almost over. You will be able to see blue sky and spring flowers. I did see a small flower yesterday> what do they call that flower? snow something. Keep the blog going, I love it.

  4. sounds like maybe snowdrops, Harvey, we have some of those too, and crocuses but if they want to be noticed now they had better be on four foot stems to get above the snow...

    I dont intend to drop it, Harvey, and I love doing it (thank you) but now and then one does run out of words --or at least any that make sense

  5. snow crocus, that was it, just needed my memory jarred a little