Saturday, March 28, 2015

one of those darned observer dreams (6WS)

the observer/reporter for a plane crash,  as a voice over:  "the parents had refused the baby seat for their 6 month old child--when the plane crashed, it was the one thing that saved the baby's life, since the spot where it would have been firmly strapped in was directly under a luggage holder, which dropped all its luggage onto the spot where the baby, pinned by the seat, would have been crushed.

As it was, it had been thrown out of the mother's arms and rolled--or crawled--under the seat in front of it, protected and safe. The parents were killed by the falling luggage.  The baby's angry cries were detected by a flight attendant who had been commandeered to search for any signs of life--she found the child, slightly bloodied but mostly just angry and hungry--the attendant had just given birth to a child a month previous and without even thinking  took the child to a secluded place, opened her tunic, and nursed it.  Fifteen minutes later someone found them, nestled against a pile of lumber and rubble, content with each other and ignoring the disaster around them. "

and then the camera moves back to show one small woman nursing a small baby while workers continue the search for more casualties...

These are the oddest dreams,  this is probably the fourth in a series. They all seem to encompass humanity, a newpaper article being read which turns into a visual and a voice over--this one took the form of a news reporter and a movie type image not of the crash but of the aftermath...

And if I record  it fast enough, it comes back nearly verbatim.  =)


  1. Oh, I should be so lucky. Mine are almost always almost completely visual with no voice-overs or, for that matter, voices although there's frequently speech and/or conversation, but it always seems to be telepathic--sometimes two-way telepathic-- in origin.

    Dreams. Frank Anthony would be envious.

  2. yours sound so interesting, though, in a grim way...

    We dream as much as we did as kids, they tell me, we just dont recall it with the same vividness. thank goodness for that

  3. My recurring dreams have 25 year old ladies. ell maybe not so much ladies, but female anyway. I wake up talking in my sleep.

  4. lol
    As long as your wife doesnt wake up at the same time