Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Good Day

Wednesday around here is half price day at the Salvation Army (my seekrit indulgence);  some days there's little or nothing to appeal, and somedays all the cylinders hit perfectly.

This was the prize find.  They look to be from about the mid nineteen hundreds, maybe older (search says 'vintage" which these days includes me and thee too).  They are listed as salad tongs, but they are also for
getting small cans and boxes down from the top shelves, extending one's reach downward just a bit more, lifting hot jars out of the canning bath,  and annoying the cats...

Found two Lawrence Blocks that are new to me, two silk blouses for the cold days, and a marvelous dark brown floppy cardigan.  Not a bad one in the bin.   That and 50 deg. in the sun, not bad.


  1. Do you can with a pressure cooker? We used to use a cold packer, but the pressure cooker saved so much time. Congratulations on the salvation army finds. Don't you just love treasure hunting?

  2. i've never been comfortable with pressure cookers, my mother used one but was terrified by them. I remember her sneaking across the floor with the 'cap" when it started to steam creeping up on it as if it was about to explode. That sort of thing stays with you.

    We do the boil-on-the-stove thing, and it works just fine.

    And yeah, some of the things I've run across in there are amazing. Frankly its more fun than yard sales, it's one stop shopping and always there.

  3. See if that were in my house, it would be in the kitchen briefly before finding its way to the studio and ending up in an artwork one way or another!

    I love thrifting, too. Amazing finds. I have a great little group of cashmere sweaters, all at about 3.99, and admired by people who have no idea where I found them.

  4. Funny, I do much the same thing with fabric. If it's time to make a blanket or cat bed I corral all our worn sweatshirts and sweat pants and make huge patchworks out of the good parts. If I need a particular color off I go to the SA for it.
    In a way, i just realized, it's my remnant shop =)

  5. 1) Definitely cat tormentors (or they would be, in my house.
    2) What's a Lawrence block?
    3)Fifty degrees, you say. Huh. We haven't been above 40 for a week.

  6. Lawrence Block is a supreme detective fiction guy. He writes the "hit man" series and a few others, and I love every one. Get thee to a book store. (It's Pelligrino recommended)

    Well, you are also the one who chose to live up there in the frozen wastes of Vermont, you know. Daylight once a year, a three week growing season...