Friday, December 21, 2012


And on the last day it snowed, or rained,  or didn't.  Rivers flowed to distant oceans where  fish, unaware of the shortness of life or its sweetness,  continued to swim, propagate, and become cat food.  Life went on as it always does;  no turning the page, no dire predictions of eternal nothing to disturb  the deer, the buffalo,  the eagle. 

There were moments unseen in the darkness when Something crept nearer,  touching this soul and that one gently,  lifting them like fine silk and away into a new darkness.  Babies were born.     In barns everywhere horses stirred in their sleep, or chewed a favorite stall door,  and cows moved against the walls restlessly, as they always do. Chickens laid sleepy eggs, searched their feathers for snacks, clucking softly to themselves in the cold.

In hundreds of dwellings all over the earth people gathered up their possessions and set fire to them, in a glorious ritual of penance,  despair, and  terror.  Some gave their belongings to neighbors, friends, family, the 'nonbelievers'  who would not be there anyway to appreciate the treasures they had been given.  The nonbelievers, no fools  they, said "why thank you"  politely and locked their doors.

Darkness came, the moon rose behind heavy clouds.  People bid each other tearful farewells and fell asleep knowing this would be the last day of their lives. 

The next morning there was the sound of rejoicing,  and then the  great hush of Mortified Silence as  all over the earth people went forth to reclaim their furniture, clothing, and livestock.  Outrage and lawsuits rang forth, and the lawyers rejoiced.


  1. Back in the 80s we were supposed to face the end. This preacher gave his farm tractor to my brother in law. The next day my brother in law offered to give it back but the preacher no longer wanted it. I went out to the cabin last night to face my last hours, but I got bored and came home..... to satellite tv and the internet. Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday, think I'll go buy her a gift.

  2. If I really believed this was the last day for planet earth... I would go buy a couple packs of marlboros, and put extra salt on my food, and not take my meds. maybe drink expired milk, and do some skydiving.

  3. wow drinking expired milk. You live high, Harvey. I got tired of waiting for the final hour, drifted off around midnight. Sure enough when I woke up I thought, oh damn. The darkness is here.
    Then I realized it was only 5 AM.

    Then again maybe its a rolling blackout kinda thing. One country, then the next, one time zone at a time...whoooooooo

  4. Actually, the world did end yesterday. Briefly. I went to the cafe at lunchtime to get some writing done, & the barista said my favorite blend wouldn't be available for a couple hours. So, for a while there...