Thursday, March 2, 2017

My one political commentary for the year. I hope.

Without realizing what I was listening to the other night I kept hearing the Donald in speaking mode:  he sounded sincere, sonorous, convincing. What, I thought, was THAT all about. Then I recognized the speak and response rhythm when the POTUS addresses the congress once a year.

My husband is a fan, by the way. I am not.

Anyhow, the whole speech went over very well, and the next day the news people were all over themselves with exuberant praise for what a wonderful, sincere speech the Donald made, they were surprised, very encouraging, and quite willing now to believe that he has changed his tune/stripes/spots and is becoming civilized.

I has my doubts.  Anyone who has been subjected to his many moods and modes of communication will recognize this one, it's the "placate the masses" one,  intended to soothe and butter everyone up.  It was a speech, nothing more.  Even the Donald knows better than to go into Big Dude mode with Congress, and to be honest, he handled them very well.  I just don't buy it.


  1. You are right.

    Like everything else he does, that was a show. And you need different shows for different audiences and different goals.

    Also, it doesn't matter what he sounds like, if he keeps chipping away at the institutions of democracy.

  2. That's it exactly. And that's what's really scary, since he is roping in the very people who can do the most damage, either by intent or ignorance.

    Nice to see you here, Laguna. it's been too long. Missed you.

  3. I can't stand that SOB

    1. bwahahaha

      that about sums it up, Harvey. Thank you for that detailed insight. =)