Sunday, February 12, 2017

It looks almost fake

It's been snowing since noon.  I must admit, albeit grudgingly, it is kinda pretty.  There are storms like this that make me feel that the snow is not rising, but the house is sinking.

The weather people are still arguing about just WHERE in NH this will become a blizzard and seem to have narrowed it down to two counties out of a possible er. however many there are.  What I am curious about is how they can explain to the storm that it's just supposed to turn into a blizzard in ONLY those two counties?   It would seem about as useful as shouting at ants that they're going the wrong way...

The mister is out there even now, making his first snow blower pass of the evening. He's a happy happy man.   Enclosed cab, am-fm radio, heat,  power.  Much power.  The only thing missing is a heated shower and maybe closed circuit tv.  He keeps telling me I should learn to use the BobCat,  but I suspect we would have to fight over who gets to use it first...

It does resemble one of those lithographs you used to see in old stories, all we need is a sleigh and several hungy wolves trailing behind, waiting for somebody to be thrown to them as a sacrifice...


  1. My Retired Man loves his assortment of snow blowers also. Last week we had about 4 inches of snow. However, since he is recovering from heart surgery, our very kind neighbors ran over as soon as they heard the motor and told him they would do it. He was very disappointed.

  2. awww. Some people just don't understand. However, there will be more snow, tell him that winter has barely got its foot in the door. And maybe he can sneak out after dark some night and give the old snowblower a whirl before they catch him at it.

    And on the plus side, you have good neighbors, who 'get it' about helping. My mother cheerfully mowed her own lawn (and she had a LOT of it, mostly uphill both ways), even into her eighties. Neighbors would stop by the side of the road and say to her, "Irene, you shouldn't have to work that hard...where's your daughter?" and she'd snap and say, "Home, mowing her own lawns."
    And they'd drive off...

  3. America knows how to do weather! It's all brief and inconvenient over here; hardly worth complaining about (not that that stops us).

    1. We may be a young country, Tilly, but by golly we have the weather down pat.

      Got a foot last night and its been snowing all morning. I was going to get up on the kitchen roof and pull some snow down, my husband said, why not wait until the wind stops?

      GOOD IDEA, I said. Off with the hat, the coat, the gloves, the gloves, the scarf, the boots...(I'm so easy)

      Oh, for winter of brief and inconvenient weather. What a lovely sound that has...