Saturday, December 3, 2016

(6WS) The gift that keeps on giving

 The Thanksgiving day cold.  I figger this will clear up just in time for the Christmas cold.
But the fluffy Kleenex tissues are very nice

(deep shuddery sigh)

However.  Boredom sets in rapidly, and since I had all these cool bits of windchime material lolling about, I figgered, hey, why not put them to good use.  The trick will be transporting it from here to the front hall without turning it into last week's spaghetti fiasco. 


  1. Holiday ills - yuk!

    That is a very cool wind chime.

  2. yes, its so annoying, but a bit different than the anonymous cold giver in a store, or via a dollar bill somewhere--I can narrow this down to 16 people, all of whom I like.

    And thank you, I kinda like it too. When the air currents hit it it rotates just a bit, and the light (right now coming in from the right) picks up the flat surfaced pieces and it sparkles a bit.
    This was a rebuilt one that started to show its age and really needed to be redone. I love using stuff that would get tossed, otherwise, and the sound is very delicate.

    It's a great way to keep track of old keys (just in case you really did need that door key after all) and bangle bracelets =)

  3. Yeah, I'm have tissue mania myself right now & hoping it won't last. Posvibes coming your way. Cool chime!

  4. here's hoping you feel better too.

    and thank you, it's one of my seekrit hobbies, like legos and WoW.

  5. Well, a stealth wind chime creator! I do like all the upcycling that went into it.

  6. well, thank you. I love that term, stealth wind chime creator. I may have to start wearing my invisiblity cloak.

    And recycle is what I do, most of the time. It's most satisfying, both in the making and the sound. Very restful.

    What's really nice, a lot of it can be used forward, too. If I need a few bangle bracelets to wear, well...

  7. [ Smiles ] That is the most original-looking wind chime that I have ever seen!

  8. hahahaha thanks. It's all made of found material, chosen for sound and not for volume. Anything that has a slight reverb but not too much, just enough to blend.

    It's also light enough to move in the air currents, and picks up the light now and then as it turns. It's a stinker to dust, though.