Saturday, September 3, 2016

This old house keeps gettin' older (6WS)

And so do  I...

This summer's project (which started last January with the Mouse invasion) went from a new ceiling in the kitchen (which didnt have one at all) to "let's finally finish the walls in the kitchen and paint it" and that  segued into new window casings, a twotone grey color scheme, and about 9/10ths of it is done.
Also discovered a talent for putty-and-paint which, while limited, is amazingly satisfying.  We takes what we can get, here.

While we were painting and putting stuff up, I had this nearly uncontrollable urge to begin speaking in a bright cheery voice the way the lady on This Old House does when she and her husband are redoing a room somewhere.  "Gosh, Jack" she chirps, loudly, sorta like a kindegarten teacher, "this blue paint is REALLY going to make a huge difference in this family room, you think?"  "Yes, Mary", he responds, "And I really like the way this  paint (Can label prominently displayed)  just glides on, no brush marks, no roller skips."  and they both laugh delightedly.
He never once sighs resignedly when she slips and the loaded paint brush whaps into the newly installed  sliding door window glass...she never pokes fun at him when he cuts the last piece of lumber too short (probably because he doesn't cut it at all)...I tried that voice just once and my husband looked at me for about two seconds, shook his head, and turned on the sander.

I dont intend to do this again so I might as well make a good job of it now.  =)  And this winter, golly, I get to make curtains.  =)  =)


  1. I've never suffered from a case of fixerupperitis; hope I never do. About a year ago, while I was away at the Brattleboro Lit Fest for a long weekend, My Beloved Sandra and one of her stepgrands totally redesigned & built the few steps up from the garage floor to our back door to include a completely different orientation, a landing, a railing, and a handy little storage underneath to stow our winter tires in the Spring. I was totally blown away, as she'd managed to keep her plans completely secret before I left. And all I had to show for my part was a reasonably well-constructed sonnet.

  2. Go, Sandra. =)
    And I am in awe of anyone who can make a reasonably well-constructed sonnet. We all have gifts.
    Mercifully, this kind of feeding frenzy doesnt last long. Im hoping it lasts long enough to finish the windows and get the curtains made...

    He and I are both creative fixer-uppers, but we work from different centers, so about the time he is winding down I sorta take it from there and finish what I can. It works well.

  3. More power to you! Good luck with the curtains!

  4. thanks, Tonya. I sort of have to now, all the curtains are down, all I need is a cleared off dining room table to work with. that may be the hard part, knowing my tendency to spread projects four inches deep and an acre wide...

    When we first moved in here Rod's mother gifted me with her mother-in-law's Singer treadle sewing machine, and I fell in love with it. I went out a bought a bolt of unbleached muslin and made curtains for all 26 windows, all of them with machine ruffles Took all one winter, but it was worth it.

  5. We are the kind that need to let someone else do it. :-)

  6. Some things we 'farm out' but for the most part I think we both take pleasure in the doing. Age, of course, has a lot to do with it, and we have both come to realize that roof walking is no longer in our resumes.

    I've always been fairly creative, tool wise; he uses the big scary ones (the kind that have a "dead man switch" clearly marked) and I use the ones that require small motor skills. His grandfather was a finish carpenter, so he has carpenter genes in him. My birth mother was fearless with a crowbar and a hammer, so I know where I got that from, lol.

    But we now let someone else handle the roof work, and the chimneys. Gettin' old, and the ground's a lot further away--and less forgiving--these days.

    And I dont mind telling you, I'd let someone else do this in a heartbeat, if I thought I could get them to do it the way I want. There is that.

  7. oh yeah- been there myself! Have a lovely weekend!