Friday, February 26, 2016

6WS update on the weather in pictures

two days ago it was warm, rainy, and clouds drifted across the fields, pushed by a strong south wind.  Warm air over snow, and you get fog.  The air smelled of mud and spring, and there was just enough green to make me want to agree.  ;

I don't mind if the deer get at this,  as aloe stays green all winter but dies back in spring to regrow--they do make a mess of it though

there were titmice (titmouses?) out, practicing,  and a crow or two.  that's when you realize it's been too quiet too long.

this was the one 50 deg, day we had this week, with the warmer south wind making clouds over the snow patches
 I have no idea what this  bulb thinks its doing in late February,  don't even know what it IS...
it's bleak, but I love the colors.  Funny how nature never puts a foot wrong in color choices


  1. How nice for you (and your titmousies). The back hill's still white to the treeline, but beyond that everything else is still white. Dammit.

  2. we had about 37 inches of rain the night before, and it washed away almost every scrap of visible snow, except for the bits you see in the we're back to normal (as in cold) but snowless.
    and this being northern new england, the words "so far" linger in the air