Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fable from an old poetry prompt (6WS)

(Approach a poem (or short story) as if you were writing a fable. Keep a third-person point of view. Address the anthropomorphic qualities of the objects you introduce. Invite an animal or creature into the poem. Allow an invisible force to alter time and space.)


Once upon a time in a small dark cottage deep in the forest there lived, quietly but well a wooden settee with a plaid cushion, and her friend, the deal table, well scrubbed and softened by age. They were most suited to each other and lacked for nothing, needing only each other for companionship.

One rainy day the door opened and a small very wet weasel came in, asking for shelter; taking pity on his plight they let him sleep by the fire until he was dry, and were so charmed with his wit and cleverness they invited him to live with them.

After that, time seemed to slow; days lingered at sunset far far longer than either of them ever remembered, and the sun rose much earlier as well.

They thought it might be because the three of them were so content with each other, and never considered that it might be the weasel who, in addition to being a good companion, was also intelligent, and magical.

He thought they'd like the changes. 


  1. Such a sweet fable. I like how you explained how fables work at the beginning of the post. Happy weekend with all of your companions. Maybe one will be magical :-)

  2. About a month ago, we bought new end tables for the living room & I had to confide to My Beloved Sandra that I thought the couch (or my end of the couch, anyway) would be lonely for its companion & would require considerable "break-in" time. But then a couple weeks ago we bought a new couch, too. The couch will be delivered just before Xmas & the honeymoon can begin.

  3. The last six word make the fable complete. Good writing.

  4. One of the beat fables I've read in a long time. I love a good ending.

  5. Thank you. Nice to see a new face here, Vicki, as well.

    this was from a prompt someone sent me a long while back, and it was intended to be a poem, but the joy of prompts like this, is to open the doors, not slam them shut.
    anyone wants to take a flyer at the prompt, don't be shy.

    Ron, I hope your new couch and the end tables are very happy together. I wish them well. =)