Sunday, July 19, 2015

Don't try this at home

This computer (Win 7) has a nice System Restore function, gives me a new restore point every day, for the days when Bone and Headed meet on the keyboard.

There is also  a nifty little tool called "Snip".  You can take the part of any image on the screen and plunk it in a photo managing setting.  a face, a bit of text,  anything.  
I've never been much of a fan of it,  but today I was messing around on the desktop with it and
suddenly I hit the wrong button and my entire screen image was upside down.

trying to read a computer screen upside down is hard enough, trying to work the cursor from a mirror-upside-down position  is an excercise in insanity.  I rebooted, back into the same upside down image and then opened a program to see if it just affected the wall paper. was all over everything.  

oh. my. god.

My whole computer.

I KNOW where the sys. restore function is, but trying to find it while reading upside down and the cursor seems to want to hide in the wrong corner, and then locating the right line...luckily I only lost a few hours of the day, and I have whipped the Snip tool soundly and put it to bed without its supper.  


  1. When you sit at the computer you're certainly in the fast lane! such a growth experience...

  2. Yep, minute by minute, growing older. All I could see was my future garbled explanation to my husband, and him staring in disbelief at the upside down images...

    I have found life is better if i can get out of the messes I get into before he sees it.

  3. THAT is why I mess with NOTHING.

  4. yes, dear. you're absolutely right. sigh.

  5. hmpf. it is NOW. Then this morning I was doing something and accidentally hit the task bar at the bottom and whoops its on the right SIDE...
    one thing about most of these dopey things, they teach you how to bail yourself out. Maybe Computer Girl will be able to get through the rest of the week without putting an eye out. =)