Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow sculpture


  1. A wintry art of beauty everywhere.

  2. when i was a kid we lived near here, on another hill--my dad in the winter would stand for the longest time at the back window, watching the snow drift and shape itself like sand dunes as the wind shifted back and forth --I guess I picked up the habit from him...

  3. Oh, we get some lovely drifts up here on the hill, too. Lovely shots, JT

  4. Im tired of looking at your snow, I have plenty on my own. Got anything new, like you swept off the porch before it falls in, We just have 6 inches of snow, but I hate it as bad as you hate your 4 feet.

    1. Harvey, I think of this as penance. For years you have regaled me with stories of how you plant your tomatoes in February and harvest them in June.--while i am trying to dodge the last frost of spring in May or June i am hearing about how good your carrots are doing.
      I send you photos of the snowman on the roof, in March, you send me pictures of your lovely tomato plants...
      Its called payback, Harvey. Divine retribution. The weather gods heard you, and they were pissed, and this is what you get for bragging about it.
      enjoy the new pictures. Just for you =)

  5. How gorgeous! Shame it all turns slushy and ugly :(

  6. well at this stage, Tilly, slushy and ugly is to be longed for, desperately. that fourth picture down...see that groove between the bankings? those banks are four feet high and that groove is where our driveway is. down there. somewhere.
    So is my front lawn. =)