Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another Solstice Rears Its Ugly Head (6WS)

(so I'm a little late)


In winter we carry mirrors
to dark rooms,
harvesting the light;
December’s pale sun thus becomes
a multitude of suns.
We send candles into the darkness.
Nothing is wasted.

Seen from the proper angle
morning sun becomes an infinity of light
reaching back to the first sunrise
on the first day,
reaching ahead to the last.
Dark rooms are transformed
by prisms of clear light.

As winter moves into spring
we adjust the mirrors
in rhythm with the lengthened days,
tinkering with the available light;
harvesting, harvesting.

By March we nearly have it right.


  1. Some of us do, I suppose; the rest of us (ie me) stumble around in the dark, grumbling.

    A great write, though; especially S2.

    Re your 6 words: one of them has an errant apostrophe... Just sayin.

  2. thanks, Ron. It just looked right. Now it looks funny. =)

    i remember the day I wrote that, how the light just poured across the room, it got kinda magical. thank you.