Saturday, November 29, 2014

5 Degrees: Need I say More (6WS)


  1. Just one thing: brrrrr. And Brrrrrrr.....6WS

  2. Charlie, who is basically a blob of double coated fur with eyes and a nose, refuses to touch the snow, or spend more than four seconds outside enjoying the breezes.
    He is so well insulated he has to hide in the summer, in the shade, and avoids the sun almost fanatically.

    I thought this would be ideal weather for him, but then again he's not got good associations with it either. Homeless creatures do not necessarily love the environment theyre in, anymore than homeless humans.

    I have a friend in Georgia who wrote this morning and when I told them what the temp was here, said, "it's 32 degrees here in Southern Georgia, and Im terrified to open the door." It's all relative, isnt it.

  3. I was complaining about the snow and temps in the teens tonight. I will shut up now.

  4. lol its okay. its all relative. just remember that poor fella in georgia afraid of 32 degrees. i told him, from our view point 32 is a warming trend