Saturday, September 13, 2014

Short poem for a Saturday morning (6WS)

porque te vas

sing of the coming dawn
weep for the passing night
cling to the moon as it rises
and sets with the faintest of light

cherish the night as it cradles us
keeps us close in the dark
remember the heart is fragile
when the arrow has found its mark

so let us huddle together
to keep the morning at bay
I will watch you in your dreaming
and know you are going away


  1. What a wonderfully wistful poem, Judy.

  2. A most lovely poem for this morning!

  3. Hmm, too bad they are going away...

  4. Great poem! Wonderful sentiments!

  5. You can call it short if you want, but it's 12 lines longer than anything I've written in months. Great stuff, JT.

  6. lovely poem- enjoy your day!

  7. Enjoyed Elvis; very much loved your poem.

  8. thank you for your comments, always appreciated--

    and Ron, dont feel bad, youre the one getting published left and right, and that poem goes back maybe five years. Okay? Okay.

    Rosemary, there are times when Elvis at his finest is just what's needed, full volume, in all his sweaty glory. yes indeedy.

  9. I don't see very many rhyming poems anymore. Yours is a delight.

    6WS and Shadow Shot

  10. well thank you for that. i must confess Im a lazy poet; rhyme comes when it does, and Ive learned not to force the issue--some work better with it, some don't. Which is why you will never see my three sonnets, lol.