Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Prepositional Phase

prepositional phase

where you are right now
between away and to

is not where i am
among the concerned leaves
down along the empty  hallways
beside and amidst the parted grasses

there will never be an after
without the before that came before
no here no there
no way around above or through
without me,  without you

the perhaps of you and I
has been overtaken by the now

why doesnt even enter into it
and that will have to wait for spring


  1. well, ty Karen. I ve always wondered just what one could do with all those prepositions that we so painfully learned in 7th grade, and I guess this is one way to go. If you say all of the prepositions in order, they do have a certain rhythm, dont they...

    plus it was fun to do. there is that. =)