Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Life Sometimes is on Rewind (6WSaturday)

My pillow won't tell me
where he has gone
the soft-footed one
who passed by alone

who took my heart whole
with a tilt of his eye
and with it my soul,
and it like to die

I twist and I turn,
my breath but a sigh
Dare I grieve? Dare I mourn?
He walks by. He walks by.

                       --Theodore Roethke*

*This is is from memory,  and I cannot find the actual piece anywhere online,  which is frustrating. 


  1. Great poem, though rewind can be difficult.

  2. This is the kind of poem that you read the first time and never forget it. Nor where, nor when, nor why.

    and yeah, rewind can be hell, especially those moebius loops in the tape.

    nice to see you again, Ann McGuffy

  3. Good one, JT. I usually end up with "under The Boardwalk" and "Why Do Fools Fall In Love."

    Sometimes, if I'm lucky I get Mr. Ferlinghetti's "away above a harborful of boats..."

  4. thank you, mr. lavalette for reminding me of Under the Boardwalk again. It's been too long. way way way too long.

    and lucky indeed, to channel Ferlinghetti. My poetry channel usually sticks on A.E. Housman, "When I was in love with you..." with music.

  5. I consulted Words for the Wind, and couldn't find it in there, but I'm having a great time discovering Roethke anyway, a great bonus.

  6. I'm so glad, Boud. He touches chords in me everytime I read him. I think its one of those poems that is only in his Collected Works, and that too has mysteriously disappeared from my bookshelves...

    (waves at Jess)