Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Is What I'm Doing Now (6WS)

somewhere, sometimes,  never

somewhere the rain is falling straight down
the way it always does
dogs still bark at the wind after dark
the earth still moves in various ways
for various reasons
the wind in the pines reminds me
of the ocean on dark still nights
traveling relentlessly
up the beach           you told me once
that often in your sleep
you dreamt of that sound
only you were at the ocean
and could hear pines sighing
in the wind as the tide
hissed over the sand      the rain
still falls straight down
perhaps on you
sometimes on me
but no longer at the same time
or for the same reasons


  1. love the last 4 lines! and thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh that tide / wind in the pines analogy. I've experienced it, too. Even if you're with somebody, it still sings only to you.

  3. Beautiful, peaceful yet sad. I loved the picture you painted with your words.

  4. you're all very kind. thank you. Ron., it does get better. Once the engine fires up, as you know, it takes time to get back in full swing. =)

  5. Oh, beautiful, beautiful writing. This one made me sigh.

  6. Lisa, thank you. It's nice to be back in harness again, albeit a shaky one, still.