Friday, March 15, 2013

Whining from the Frozen Tundra

We're down to counting sticks of wood in the shed and there is talk about scraping the snow off the stuff outside in case we need it.  It's the Ides of March  and we have barely a cord left inside.  I had hopes of at least limping into April with a bit left,  but this morning at 6 AM the outside temp was a hearty 6 above zero. O, please.   The house was an equally brisk 52. 

A three stove day, for sure.

But, she says bravely, straightening her shoulders and reaching for a wooly sweater, but it is the middle of March,  the days are getting longer,  the sun is a bit more useful than it has been, and April is out there somewhere. 

And whatever became of the Ides of, say, September...


  1. Hopefully your wood will last! Spring has to be coming soon?

  2. Id like to think so, but this is northern New England, and Spring is one of those heartbreakers; just about the time you put away the shovels and roofrakes in April, here comes another surpise, all over the jonquils and the anemones...sigh...