Sunday, January 6, 2013

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(by J. Sprat)

Last week we fixed the door.
Today you broke the floor.
Every time you take a bath
I fear for every lath
and every beam and timber.
I am no longer young or limber
and it’s really getting harder
to avoid your mammoth ardor--

I think we need to talk.
You can no longer safely walk
without causing mass destruction
to the sturdiest construction
from the kitchen to the basement.
This will be the fifth replacement
of the stairs. When you cannot make it
through a door without a jimmy
Then I can no longer take it.
I’ve seen you in your shimmy.
I’d love you more, turtledove,
if there were just a little less of you to love.

Published a million years ago by C.E. Chaffin in Melic Review


  1. I've written a few godd love poems in my time, I think, but few as, um. touching as Jack's. I'm glad you saved the good doctor's work.

    Melic, eh? Jesus, I'm getting old. Next it'll be something from M. Angelus (Angelis?)...

  2. Melic. I remember the first time CE took one of my pieces, i was stunned. I was board editor at Moveo Angelus for a very short time, when I left no one even noticed, lol.
    yep, we gettin old. Ill get there first, ron., let you know how it is...