Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Changing times

Husband went to the bank yesterday to deposit some money, and apparently they are now on a Credit Card sweep.  They really really wanted to have him sign  up for a credit card.  "no thanks," he said.
"But but but how do you pay for things?"
"Check, debit, or cash".  
Silence.  "but but but how do you pay your BILLS?"
"check, debit, or cash..."

This is a bank, now.  A real live bank with real  tellers.  He said the girl was stunned.  "But but but EVERYONE has CREDIT..." she said.

"No," he said. "not everyone."

And left.  Our reputation as deadbeats has been set in cement.


  1. Banks make the most money counting on people to buy foolishly and not paying it off. I use credit sparingly.

    1. I've seen too many people playing that Credit Card Bingo to ever want to go near a credit card.

      We use debit cards whenever we can, and if it ain't in the bank, you don't get to spend it.

      We both just thought it was funny that the teller was so puzzled about how we paid our bills without a credit card...

  2. I am one of those people the credit card people hate because I pay in full every month. And when they "forget" to bill me, which would result in a late fee if I didn't notice, I send the $$ with a note!

    That is only for online buying. Locally it's debit or cash.

    Someone I met at the eclipse was telling me he'd taken in some Kennedy half dollars to change and the teller told him they weren't real money and anyway she didn't know what the denomination would be. Took a visit with the branch manager to fix the situation. Moral of the story: don't expect the bank to know anything about money.

  3. oh we have gone too far when someone thinks Kennedy half dollars are fake. Probably isnt even sure who Kennedy was.

    I keep a very small separate account for online stuff, as does my husband. All debit cards. They can't be connected to our main account, so I have no qualms about using them online. And when one of us travels, this is the card we use for gas, lodging, all that.

    Years ago I knew we were in trouble education wise, when I had to ask a friend's son to sit in at my craft table while I walked around. He got a panicky look on his face. I said, er, you do know how to make change, right. (B student, junior). He looked blank. "Ross," I said, "how many quarters in a dollar?" Long, loooong pause. "erm. Three?"

    I told him to go for a walk around, I'd sit this one out.

  4. Please tell me he wasn't a math major..

    1. no, just reasonably bright and for the times, reasonably well taught. Fractions were slowly being phased out as were part of speech, memorization and times tables. new math, you know.
      At the Post Office, in the days pre computer, I saw a clerk adding up twenty 10 cent stamps on a slip of paper. When she got to "carry the 2" I realized she had no idea about the magic of tens, or the zero, or multiplication. yikes. But as she had been taught, she checked her work afterwards to be sure it was right.