Monday, December 3, 2018

Had to share this



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    1. As one of the commenting people said, "I got drunk while listening to this and now I have a banjo coming from Amazon..."

      I want a banjo too.

  2. made the mistake of sharing that one with him. i get the distinct feeling that there will be a banjo joining his three guitars any day now.

    1. Draws you in, doesn't it. And this has to be one of the most consistently good-natured comment sections on YouTube...

      You know, I never really liked Steve Martin until he went public with the banjo.

      If you watch it, you can see that they really ARE in those places when the background shifts; take note of the change of hair length on the cello player, and the glasses/no glasses on the banjo guy...

    2. i especially enjoy the looks on the faces of the people passing by. some have an expression that says they're wondering "what are these four idiots up to", while the rest of them are trying their best to look nonplussed and carry on with their lives.

    3. Lol, yes. There is one clip of them on a city street, where a tiny old man is utterly ignoring them (and I can see where that might be hard to do) and scuttling behind the whole lot.

      Then again, I guess you pretty much have a choice: join in and sing along, (not recommended) or pretend it's Not Happening.