Tuesday, November 6, 2018

oh, please

Yesterday I ("dear friend") received a two page "letter' from our Republican Senator wannabe's wife.  Nicely worded, nicely typed, nice use of script font.    She stressed his family devotion, how his face lit up when he smiled, and how she got all wiggly inside (my words not hers) when he first looked at  her and smiled. 
How wonderful a daddy he was. 

This was a girl-to-girl letter, and I know it was meant to impress me as a female that he was just the man for the job.  Navy Vet,  lawyer.  Police Chief. 

Not a WORD about his affiliation, or his voting record, or his political leanings.  After all, the cynic in me purrs,  what woman would be interested in all THAT? 

And today I go out to vote elsewise.  Im sure he's a lovely man, good to dogs and kids and old ladies, but not this time, Im afraid. 


  1. This reminds me of Chris Smith's wife writing to women, similar silly stuff. I used to send it back marked refused. I did refrain from wrapping it around a brick to increase the postage at her end. Smith has spearheaded procedures preventing women in third world countries from getting healthcare if the clinic even mentions the a word, so they and their children are not served. Yeah, cute guy. Hasn't lived in his constituency for all the years in office. Terrified when a group of middle aged women came to his local office to ask questions..but as you say, women would only care about how nice he is at home.

    I no longer live in his district, a relief.

    1. I surely doubt that this was written by anyone in the family, it was, I suspect, intended to appeal to the woman in the house. A swing and a miss, this time.

  2. The sincerity of politicians at election time warms my heart.

    1. I believe that's called heartburn.

      Kinda wish they'd save their money on those over wrought highly colored things they send out now. Great fire starters, but that's about it.

      Friend of mine who works at the voting place said that there had been over 500 voters before noon. In a town this size, that's just short of miraculous, considering the steady rain AND the midterm malaise we usually have...

    2. ''I believe that's called heartburn. ''

      Now that was very funny!

    3. (smiles) thank you.

      I see you are now less nom de plume and actually have an avatar up there. Sometimes you have to really shake the machine very hard before it will give you what you want.

  3. oh, mittens. you know our tiny lady brains can't process anything as complex as voting records and policy ideals. knowing that he makes his wife smile is all the reassurance we can possibly ever need that such a politician is looking out for our best interest.

    i have to say that the single best part of living outside of the country is that i don't have to deal with all the absurd robo-calls and nonsense stuffed into my mailbox come election season. although, i probably should apologize to my mother (whose home i still use as my in-country address) as she gets twice as many of the phone calls and mailings on account of me.

  4. Couldn't have put it any better. Or snarkier.

    The pat on the head, the quick shoulder squeeze, the smile over the morning paper...what more could any woman want.

    We used to get pollitical calls that were real people, and now and then I'd get into a spirited convo with one of them.
    One kid admitted he was drunk, and I could see him with his feet up on the desk, chair tilted back, just shooting the breeze with anyone he called. He so did not care...

    But now it's all canned, and annoying. And since we are a one party household (no matter that one of us is just too lazy to change her affiliation) we only get one party calls. That's the other reason I hesitate to change over, the phone would never stop ringing.

    I figger in about six months the serious campaign stuff will start flowing, I may take a page out of Boud's book and start sending it back "refused'.