Tuesday, November 27, 2018

even in the midst of awful, there is usually beauty

This is what met me this morning when I looked out the window
not exactly what I had planned for

and this is 8 inches of pretty fluffy WET snow

on top of 4 inches from yesterday

however it does have a certain archtectural purity about it

to the point where I'm not even sure what it is any longer 
but ain't it interesting...

and just for the heck of it, this is what my spiffy new counter 
looks like as a work station 
what's really cool is under that counter is a wonderful woodbox 
area that is working better than I thought it might...

However, I have put a protest in to the weather gods that it's not even December yet and we have already had a foot of  snow.  Oh, I can hardly wait for January.   


  1. I do appreciate the beauty of snow - in pictures. Heavy snow is hard to shovel. Be careful.

  2. I don't shovel, I have a flat bladed shovel and push it off the porch. However I do have my very own roof rake and if I hang onto the ladder I can reach a great deal of the kitchen roof with it.

    My husband also has a BobCat, which does a magnificent job on our long driveway so there's no problem there, no one would shovel our drive, it's wayyy too long...

    I think I'm about appreciated out over snow, right now especially since it's not even December yet. Maybe this year we get that early spring. You know, the one that comes in May?

  3. My attention was riveted on the bread, which is often my defiant response to early snow.

  4. I try to make as many batches as I can over winter, and freeze it, double bagged, so it will last most of the summer. I've started baking two long loaves instead of three shorter ones, less wrappage, and only four heels instead of six.

    There is nothing quite like the scent of baking bread, is there.

  5. We actually had to go out driving in it yesterday, to vision appointments which--if rescheduled--would have been moved to mid-February. Nope. Out we went. Not as bad as we thought it would be.

    1. The road equipment is so much better now, and I think the roads are, too.

      But living on an elevation means almost always once you get below the mountain people start looking at you oddly as you sail through town with 8 inches of winter on your truck roof...

      Funny, we've gotten out of the habit of snow in November, and it still comes as a jolt to find blizzards and drifts and Im still waiting for Indian Summer. I think that might have been two days ago and we missed it, buried under the snow.

      Cling to this: in 22 days the days start getting longer. yay us.

  6. Haven't seen snow like this is a bazillion years.That is an impressive little shower!

    Love the bread. Now I'm craving. Maybe I'll make a sandwich or two before the football starts!
    Oh, and it's 26 down here in Johannesburg. :)

    1. And as you can tell, I was totally impressed too. Not. It's way too early for that much snow, and obviously it's not going away any time soon.

      You'd think we'd get used to this stuff, but...thank you for the weather report. You might want to note that that is 26C. It was 4 above zero here, at dawn, Fahrenheit...which is approximately -13C. =)

      And the bread is fun. I try to have enough made ahead by spring--before the stove goes out--so it will last me most of the summer.