Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

I've posted this before,  and now and then
(now, especially) it seems like a good idea
to repost it.  Just because.


  1. sometimes you need a good "just because". that film, and the story it contains, is beautiful for all the right reasons. i especially love the homage to "traditional" animation in the form of the Humpty Dumpty characters who moves when your flip through the pages of his book.

    i occasionally come across a small notepad or sketchbook with a bit of flip-book animation tucked in among the pages, and i could sit there for hours playing with them. it's like understanding the concept of how a steam train runs, but still finding yourself mesmerized to see one in action. naturally, the resident Animator thinks i am a bit too easily amused. what does he know!

  2. I especially enjoyed the "Charlie Chaplin" animation when he meets the book girl at the fence, and the early reference to the tornado a la Wizard of Oz.

    The flip book is amazing, and moving, I agree. I love flipbooks too, and have made a few over time, (yes, yes, tell him we are both easily amused)--and the aging process is spot on.
    I never cease to get a bit choked up when he reaches for his cane for the last time.