Monday, May 7, 2018

how much is that doggie in the window

Sometimes you go into a pet store,  and can successfully ignore all the barky waggy puppies, until at one point you hear a short sharp YIP and turn around to see a small dog boring holes into the back of your head.  he KNOWS he's got you. 
You walk away, all the way to the door, and you can still hear that one YIP, and see that face.  And you go home with a dog you didn't know you needed.

Today I was in the Salvation Army store;  not really looking to buy,  and I passed a rack of men's jackets.  Hanging on the very end of the rack was a well used, well kept  blue/purple/green plaid  (you know the color) work jacket, with a fleece lining.  Cuffs a bit worn, but when I put it on I realized they were too long and I'd probably have to cut them off.   Somewhere in the back of my head, I heard that puppy. YIP.

I put it back on the hanger.  Moved on and inspected the furniture, the curtains, the used books, the dresses, the shoes.  was working my way down the last aisle to the checkout counter,  and I heard that YIP again.  The tail was wagging, and oh, those eyes...

It's a bit narrow across the front, but I don't need to button it, and yeah, the sleeves will need to be shortened, badly.  But it isn't every day you can buy a well loved well used Abercrombie and Fitch work jacket for $6...


  1. A shopper after me own heart!

    1. New for me only works with underwear and shoes.

      I have always loved wearing other people's clothes, no idea why.
      When my favorite uncle died someone asked me if I wanted any of his old 'hawaiian' shirts, and I said sure, so they loaded me up with these hideous brown/yellow and purple/blue tourist shirts, all polyester and ugly as dead toads, and I wore them for years.

      This coat has the same feel to it, I think I'd have liked the person it belonged to.

  2. Oh I've had the yips before...more than once. There is no escape.