Thursday, February 22, 2018

If I ever disappear, this will probably be why

It used to be much more complicated, and much simpler at the same time.  You really ran your computer.  You handled downloads, you pushed buttons, you tried stuff.  Like kids who used to be able to field strip a motor and rebuild it,  we felt like we were in charge.

Not no more, nope. The computers now do all the heavy lifting for you, and when something goes wrong, you're truly up that famous creek with one paddle and a rapidly escalating heart rate.

pushed the wrong button in chrome tonight and have been fighting the backwash ever since; Chrome is the engine that Blogger works from, but Yahoo is the place where my email addy for Blogger lives;  and all three of them have been doing this manic password dance all night and if I don't show up for a few days, please, im somewhere.  Just not sure where.

and in the midst of all this excitement Toby my mouser extraordinaire (one mouse a day every day could add up to more mice in this house than I ever want to know about)brought me  the fattest mouse I have ever seen, still waggling it's feet in his mouth, and he looked at me (the cat, not the mouse) and dropped it, and ran away.  Having been bitten by angry mice before, I hesitated about picking the mouse up, so now he's off somewhere waiting for the next chapter in  his very short life.

At least it stopped snowing. There is that.


  1. back when i was living and lecturing in the wilds of Massachusetts, the cat i had at that time used to go searching under the shrubs for a mouse, then bring it (still alive) indoors, and drop it on the floor. he would spend the next few days chasing the poor thing around, until the mouse finally succumbed to a heart attack or something similar... then he'd present the carcass to me as a gift. to this day, i still turn my shoes over and give them a slight tap before shoving my feet into them, because i do not ever want to find another dead mouse tucked up inside the toe of my footwear.

  2. I hear that. I tell my husband, watch where you put your feet in the morning. Toby usually eats all but the squeak, but now and then leaves little bits like jaw bones and innards. Or the mouse disagreed with him.

    Charlie, on the other hand, brings outside mice inside, and then, like yours, uses them as playtoys until they stop moving, then he wanders off, leaving me to deal with it.

    Oh, I can just imagine dead mouse in shoe...I've had dry catfood in shoes before, since the house mice think shoes are the perfect place to store winter supplies...

  3. Our first cat was a mouser and brought me gifts of mice. She was a dear soul who moved with us 7 times, and just one day disappeared . I’ll never stop missing her when I think of cats and whether to get another one or not.

  4. Female cats will sometimes adopt owners as their not-very-bright kittens, and bring them prey, both dead and half dead, to teach them how to hunt.
    I had one like that, I would come home from shopping to find a maimed green snake or a half dead rodent, and no cat. aha, I thought. When she finally came in, the mouse, the snake, the whatever had disappeared, and I'm sure in that cat brain she was so pleased that her stupid kitten was finally learning how to kill.

    Get two cats. They need the compnay, and they're a lot more fun to watch.

    It's hard when you lose a cat or a dog, they fill up such a space in our lives, and you never realize just how much until they disappear.

  5. Misty (RIP) would find a mouse occasionally and they were usually dead when I had to take care of them. One time I heard frantic squeaking in the porch and she was playing with a still-live victim. I couldn't take it. I don't want critters in the house but I'm not a monster. I grabbed a solo cup and scooped the mouse up, threw it outside near the forsythia and said, "You tell all your friends how lucky you were tonight."

    1. brava, brava. I've done the same thing, with the water glass and a bit of cardboard, but if it's already seriously maimed and being Dealt With I just leave.
      Toby is a good swift hunter. None of that "play until it dies of terror" crap.

      If I can find a tail to grab onto I'll put them out that way, but did discover cradling the poor scared critter in your hand is not good. They have teeth like needles, lol.