Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday 13 in memory of Sue Grafton

Z is for the title she never got to

  1. Zero
  2. Zymurgy
  3. Zither
  4. Zephyr
  5. Zenana
  6. Zipper
  7. Zigzag
  8. Zloty
  9. Zoo
  10. Zebra
  11. Ziggurat
  12. Zanzibar
  13. Zarathustra


  1. Zeitgeist? Zilch!

    1. not to mention ZimZim the monkey THAT has possibilities.

  2. you forgot Z noreaster

    1. you mean like z one we has right now? Im surprised they haven't named it yet. I feel sorry for people who just moved up here from the southern states, eager to embrace the snow mystique (yep, people do say stuff like that). I'd say there'll be plenty of it to embrace...

  3. I hadn't realized she'd died.

    1. yep, about a week ago. I wouldn't have known either but her name caught my eye on one of those "celebrities who died this year" things...

  4. I just finished "A is for Alibi". The Librarian is a fan. They have a section just for her books.
    I'm not sure I'm a fan [yet]. She's got a distinctive writing voice and a delightful turn of phrase. I can't identify with her sense of romance. [That's not her fault, it's mine] There's way too much dialog by spells for my taste. She does build suspense to a climax. The ending's not predictable.
    So, she's interesting, but not I can't put the book down until the end interesting. I'll read a couple more to eliminate the one off syndrome, so far fairly good.

  5. I think she has some flaws in her style that on occasion drive me batshit, including her use of the personal pronoun ("I walked down my steps and opened my car door...") and yeah, a good idea to try a few more at least.

    The romance stuff tapers off after time, and I have yet to get to the ending before she does. Or maybe Im just not trying as hard as I could.

    And each book is pretty much a stand-alone, so you don't get the same plug-and-play feel with it. But I'm glad you're giving it a go. =)