Monday, January 8, 2018

If I only had a cow...



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    1. Not sure how much goat poo would be worth on the open market, though. This thing is hysterical, and Im trying to picture someone with a herd of cows, out there with a poo scooper, er...scooping...

  2. You don't scoop up cow poo. you bring the cows in to milk them. There is a gadget called a stsntion that you lock their head in, The girls are very particular, and use the stantion. If you are lucky enough to have a cement floor woth a poop gutter in it, they just do their thing, when you finish milking, just tske a water hose and wash the gutter out. We had a dirt floor in our barn, We hept a shovel handy.

    1. Er, click the little link at the bottom of my post that says (Poo Pack)