Friday, November 3, 2017

The gift that just keeps giving and giving...

Power's back, the tree crews have been moved (I suspect) onto tree clearing in other parts of the state--and this morning we got a phone call from the electric company.   Oh dear, I thought.

she seemed sooo happy to find me at home, and then told me there was a 'slight problem' with our bill this month, because of the storm.  The automatic meters apparently had been damaged by the storm, and our bill was a  "little bit higher than it was supposed to be."  Pause.  "Quite a bit  higher."  Pause.
"Actually it's "$162...thousand".   I started laughing at that...

She said it would probably be arriving today or tomoroow, and we did NOT have to pay it ("oh good")  and a corrected bill would be in the mail by next week. 

I did the math on that, and it figures out to exactly 180 years of  phone service  at our current bill average. 


  1. Very glad you didn't find out on opening the bill!

    1. oh yeah. I feel sorry for anyone who comes home from work today to find a 150K electric bill in their mailbox, yes indeedy.

      Rod says we have to frame this one. =)

  2. Replies
    1. The bill doesn't worry me, I just hope the electric company doesn't start insisting that we need to pay this or have our power cut off. eeeee.
      It was funny, though.