Friday, November 10, 2017


If you use the lightbox you can see that those black bits are birds:  starlings, in fact.  Two days ago  I went out on the porch and heard that squeaky rusty windchime sound they make when they're  migrating/feeding.   The sound, while not deafening, was loud enough to get my attention.  I walked down into the field and could see them inside the woods, moving west to east, the back group flying over the crowd to become the front feeders.  It's a marvelous way to keep the flock moving foward and no one starves.

Some of them landed on the field just outside the woods, and when they took off it was like the shock wave sound you get when a bomb goes off elsewhere.  Yesterday we had three new batches, this time flying above the trees as well as inside them,  and the sound when they all landed and then took off truly had a reverb. Im guessing this group was maybe a thousand or so, the later groups might have been three times that.   this is the first time in maybe twenty years that we've seen them.  


  1. We get these every fall. I love the sounds and the waves of birds throwing themselves around the sky. And yes, that massive wingbeat when thousands of them take off. It's exciting. Sometimes my house is engulfed by them. Gets the cats anxious. We can't hunt all of them! We're little!

    1. I love starlings, they embody the group mind as much as schools of fish, and it's a pleasure (destructive though they can be) to watch them wheeling about up there.

      Yesterday I watched as wave after wave started out here in that front (south) forest, and slowly, steadily, worked their way east, and then came back along the north side.

      My cats will have nothing to do with them, the noise terrifies them. Now and then intelligence rules. Although Charlie did establish territorial rules about the driveway to a flock of turkeys by silently walking behind them, the way the guard in a museum will move you away from the good vahses...and they went, and when he got to his 'line in the dust' he sat. They continued on down the road.