Tuesday, November 21, 2017

he's gone. he left me alone with the new phone


I found the camera
I found that if you hit the wrong button
you are suddenly staring at yourself


and if you don't know what you're doing
you even get to take a video of yourself
trying to find the buttons to TURN IT OFF

nothing sharpens your phone knowledge
faster and more completely than hunting
for the 'reverse camera' mode while keeping
the camera firmly fixed on the ceiling...

Then I discovered that while I was away
(in a manner of speaking) the Mr. had
been downloading about nine thousand
YouTube videos of people like Sarah McLachlan,
Sinead O'Connor  and Sting...

Looks to be an interesting day, lol


  1. I have had an iPhone for a few years and am still learning about taking pictures and videos. I never take selfies; they are too frightening.

    1. lol, after a certain age...I agree. I was utterly horrified. This is an easy phone to take photos with, but you hasta watch where your fingers are or that cool cat photo becomes you looking at yourself before coffee or a comb...or a mask...

  2. Oh, yeah; My Beloved Sandra could guide our Subaru to Jupiter while monitoring the amount of moisture in the Vermont air back home and simultaneously fulfilling all of her (MANY!) employment responsibilities... al from her little green phone.

    Me, uh, not so much.

    1. There's multi tasking and then there's "don't talk to me I'm trying to remember which way is North...or is it West..."

      The truly dangerous people are the ones who think they can multitask and really really can't. Ever.