Friday, November 17, 2017

Crowd Control, Feline Division

For a week or so we had been visited daily by two to six hen turkeys, who have discovered the grass- gone-to-seed in front of the porch.  Not long ago Charlie noticed them too.  One morning I was watching them march past the porch, but this time they were clucking nervously, and not stopping. 

Just then my husband came in and said, "um, Charlie's in the shed doorway, watching the turkeys..."  and then we noticed him walking slowly down the driveway about five feet behind the turkeys.  Not stalking them, not making grrrr noises. Just walking.   I said, "I think he's shooing them away..." and after several  more paces, he sat down, and waited.  The turkeys, glancing over their shoulders, continued down the driveway.   Then he turned and came up onto the porch.

The line had been drawn, lol. 

It reminded me of the way mounted officers keep crowds from getting out of hand:  they carefully move the horses slightly closer,  and since few people want to risk losing a foot or having a huge horse butt in their face, they back up a bit.  Nudge, nudge, nudge.

The turkeys, by the way,  no longer march down the driveway past the porch.


  1. Replies
    1. It was the kind of thing that cats and dogs occasionally do, totally out of character, and yet exactly right.

      Any one of those turkeys could have taken him out with a wing whap, but he was clearly in charge of that part of the driveway, and they moved away.
      It was funny to see, especially when he finally just sat and watched them ...he's not big on territory as a rule (some cats own all of it), but what he has, is his, by gum.