Saturday, October 28, 2017

When You Wake From A Dream (6WS)

when you wake from a dream
of something that never happened
to the reality
of something that will never happen
and the other reality
that it was your own gentle inanition
and fear
that cost you both
and lost you both to each other

there is no justification
no excuse from either side
to bandage that wound

and so it weeps,
and heals and tears open
leaving jagged edges

you pushed the button
that opened the door
blame who you like
for what followed
but that's the reality


  1. One follower you will never lose, despite FB's assertions otherwise...

    Nice to see a poem here. I've been writing new stuff, too but, um, shhhh

    1. thanks, Ron.

      I know you have, too, but I promise not to tell anyone; don't want to jinx ya.