Tuesday, October 31, 2017

power's back

a full day earlier than we were expecting. 

What a treat to flip that switch and have a light come on!

They don't pay those power crews enough, for what they do...


  1. They are my permanent heroes too. Out in all weathers after storms, around here in blistering heat too, they're good ppl

    1. I agree. It takes a particular type of person to actually do that stuff, and to handle it with that much enthusiasm and energy...

      We just had a timber crew from the electric company come through our property, clearing the lines and cutting any trees that looked like potential problems.
      They were here, off and on, for over three weeks, and finished up the day before the storm hit.

      We didnt lose a pole or a wire. And they have the same kind of attitude as the linemen, with a bit more goofiness built in. =)

  2. I'm one of those who never realizes just how much electricity is a part of my life until the power goes off.

    Happy for you that yours has come back on. And yes, so true, power crews deserve more pay!


    1. Oh I tend to get complacent, too, but we now and then get snapped under the chin with a bad storm (or a blip in the circuits out there) and realize that this is why I keep the oil lamps filled and handy, and this is why we keep all those empty 5 gallon pails...
      I must admit, though, I'm gettin' too old for this to be the adventure it once almost was. I'm just relieved almost to tears when the power comes back on, it's like we've been given a gift.

      I did notice this time around, both in the recorded announcment and the power company messages online, they mention "mandatory 8 hour sleep periods" and the linemen do NOT go up those poles in high winds.

  3. Even if it is just for an hour, time goes by so slowly when there isn’t any power. It sounds like you were out longer.

  4. That first hour is spent, if it's early in the morning, in finding the oil lamps (the Braille method is NOT recommended) and getting them lit, bringing in wood or getting the stove up and heating and a pan of water on the stove for my coffee. Must. Have. Coffee.

    We were out for two full days, and yesterday when the website was showing the progress, they did it town by town, and we were supposed to have power by tonight.

    What a lovely surprise when it came on last night around 8 pm!

    We do have the generator which we'd run for a few hours and then shut everything down again, and I read a LOT. =)