Thursday, October 19, 2017

make curtains, stack wood, move furniture, paint stuff--it's been a busy year


  1. Put it to music! It's got that 13 beat.

  2. Lol, thanks. My favorite part was moving furniture. It's been ages since I got to see what was actually behind the china cabinet (mostly very old dust and kitty toys) and did some hearty rearranging when my husband wasn't looking.
    The downside is, I can't find anything.

  3. I have only one thing to say, and it's thirteen words long.

  4. It is a good feeling to get things accomplished. I am thinking of starting something - maybe.

    1. When we had the ceiling and the wall done, even with the rugs back in place and the furniture, it still had that hollow recreation hall sound. Aha, I thought. Curtains. Need curtains.

      Damn the entire house needs them, so I dragged out all my stuff and reacquainted myself with the sewing machine...

      Charlie Underfoot, however, has discovered that the dead center of my sewing table is the perfect place to nap, and his new favorite toy is my tape measure (kill the tape kill the tape)...