Monday, October 30, 2017

Living better electrically

Last night we had wind and rain,  I slept through most of it, but apparently that cyclone/tropical storm really did sweep over us.

I woke this morning to a very damp front hall (wind blew the water right  under the doorsill) and no power. No water.  And I forgot last night to fill pails, just in case.

We have a generator, however.  Life is good.

power outages in NH


  1. We only lost power briefly, a couple hours in the late afternoon. But the wind howled all night long, is STILL howling. No rain until almost dawn. Big parts of the state still in the dark; My Beloved Sandra (ie Dr Sandra S, Superintendent of Schools) had to call in a closure for her district (about an hour south of here)though, due to power lines down all over the place.

    1. Ours went before dawn, they're saying somewhere around 4:30 am--when I called the power company they said over 33,000 outages had been reported just with NHEC, and the other company, Public Service, had way more than that.
      At least we have the generator, and the wood stove. Sometimes modern conveniences aren't so convenient after all.

      You were lucky, not to lose the power longer.

      I must admit, oil lamps are a nice novelty for the first night, but after that, I want my electricity back...

  2. We had loud wind and rain last night also. Thankfully, we still had power when I woke up. I wish we had a generator for when we don’t.

    1. the mister got this one years ago, it's an industrial strength thing, and I would have to be very very cold before I personally tried to run it. It sits out in the shed and he tinkers with it, adjusts the power, fuels it (oh the smell of gas fumes in the morning), and we have power, at least for a few hours.

      I'd love a generator that was less terrifying, but the prices on them is purely intimidating.

      This one is capable of running the water pump without hemorraghing, but if it was up to me I'd prefer to pail-and-rope method of water gathering at times like this.

      I don't think we're gonna see power today, and probably not tomorrow.

      One nice thing, for the first time in years, we sat at the kitchen table with the oil lamps on last night, and just talked. No computer, no TV, nothing.

  3. So where are you posting from if power is out? Nosy readers need to know. Cell towers unaffected?

  4. the magic word is Generator. We have a very old, very loud one that lives in the shed. We run it for about two hours at a time to keep the fridge and freezer happy, and let us get on the computer.

    I know they're working out there somewhere, and we can't fuss too much, since there are 33000 other outages too.

    Cell towers wouldn't help a bit, actually, since this is a plug-in-the wall computer.

    The last time we lost power this widely was maybe 20 years ago, with that massive ice storm that took out trees from here to Canada, and we were out for 8 days. Im hoping this time it's sooner than that.

    What's funny, the power company had just finished trimming up the lines that run through our woods, cutting down overhanging trees and dead ones. The day after they left, this happened. I can only imagine the mess if they hadn't done that work.

  5. My comment all went away when my finger accidentally stabbed the wrong thing.

    Yes, I forgot you are in the same smartphone camp as I, ie, not.

    Okay, filed my copy with hq, and I can put my pencil back behind my ear. Ty.

    1. I really should break down and get a smart phone, one that's bigger than a potato chip, at least...One of these days. Maybe.