Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weather Elves

Aren't they just having the most wonderful time with all of this, meteorologically, at least:  maps and charts and flood watches, warning, surges, tide levels, wind categories,  it's a wonder they can sleep at night from the excitement.

And of course with three hurricanes in a row (let us not forget what's-it's-name out there) by the end of this, they will all be totally wiped out.  Hell, this is more fun than a blizzard.

Not to mention the three kids I saw on a video this morning roller blading down a hurricane soaked street, yep...or the Denial Guy north of Tampa who is telling everyone that this silly bit of wind has been so hyped...then he went and pushed a mattress against his plate glass window.  Just in case.  His tone reminds me of people who say,  "I didnt get hurt, what are YOU complaining about...?"

Beyond that I can only imagine what it must be like to be halfway up  the highway heading for almost anywhere North, and you're on your last gallon of gas,  someone says, "daddy, I gotta pee"
and the winds are now 60 MPH and rising.


  1. I have been through a few hurricanes and scary doesn't come close to describing it. The meteorologists go crazy on the smallest of storms and drive me crazy. However, this time with the strength of these hurricanes, their reporting may have scared enough people that lives were saved.

    1. I agree. I've lived in New England for 72 years, and can remember Carol and Diane in the mid-fifties. As a kid I thought all that flooding (at that time we lived not far from Boston, right next to a Charles river tributary) was so cool, since it stopped short of our apartment. The lower half of the building was muck and mire to the second floor.

      We now live inland, and UP so our biggest concern is wind. As I tell people, if we flood, the rest of the world is in huge trouble.

      I think that 'edge of panic" in the weathermen's voices rings alarms with people, and it's almost necessary. there is that annoying old school of thought, "welllll we've lived through the worst that Mother Nature can throw at us, I think we'll just stay here and watch.. Got food, got water. We fine."

      What does scare me are tornadoes. No sense or predictability, they just whiz through, and do as much damage as they can.