Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday 13

what's scarier: 
watching the news 
and knowing--
or not watching it 
and wondering



  1. If you don't watch it for long enough you stop wondering. I stopped hanging on the news when I realized that none of the things I wondered about - strange lights in town, odd accidents I passed, strange behavior I happened to notice - none of it ever turned up in the news. Ever.

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    1. Thanks, Alice. I prefer to not-know than know, some days...and there's little sense in getting hives over something you can't do a thing about anyway.
      One of the last winters my mother spent in her own home, she called me one night, late, wanted me to come over and 'do something' about the icicles that were lining her front roof--they were buried in snow about three feet deep, and weren't going anywhere. I said, Mother, it's late, and there is truly nothing I can do about the icicles, and there's no sense in fretting over what can't be fixed.
      she got furious, and shouted, "AT LEAST YOU COULD COME OVER AND HELP ME WORRY" and hung up the phone. =)

  3. I was a news junkie just after the latest election. Then it eased away... There isn't much in the "news" that isn't just put there to grab attention with the sole intention to sell you a paper. One thing I do stay on top of is the environmental news, garnered from a handful of sites dedicated to the planet and wildlife.
    Funny and a little sad, that story of your mother and the icicles. =)

    1. My husband is a nice man, even though he and I don't agree politically. He fell for Trump early on, and has never wavered. So what news I do pick up is what he listens to, until it scares me so much I put in earplugs.

      And I get snibs and snippets of it during the day. But I no longer watch the news, because I do cherish my ignorance and a good night's sleep. =)

      When my mother was in that phase, it was her last winter in the house, she just wasn't capable of taking care of herself. She had Alzheimer's, and I left her as an independent as long as I could. She valued that independence, and I didnt want to cut into that until it was time.

      But, yeah, there are always funny bits to go along with the sad stuff. I think that's what keeps us moving forward, sometimes.

  4. I simply have to know, however bad, because my imagination can generate much worse things than even the worst news. I think it's from the trauma of wartime experiences as a young child. But I don't keep wanting the same headlines over and over, my criticism of a lot of "coverage".

    And I do like to have my say!

    1. I agree, as to over-and-over. Beat the dead horse a few more times and see if he whinnies. I think we have passed the time when news as considered a serious event, and the newscasters treated it as such. They took it seriously, and as honestly as they could get--it was always about ratings, of course, but it wasn't ALL about ratings.

      And you could trust Walter, you could trust Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw. Now and then when I hear the dissonant voices at CNN screaming at each other (oh, that's classy), I think, What Would Walter Do?

      And you're probably right, being in wartime Britain has to have been traumatic for a kid. It does shape you.

  5. I have to agree with Boud. I follow it every day waiting for it to change and probably get worse before it gets better.

    1. I figger, whether I watch or not, it's going to do what it's going to do. Everyone has different levels of tolerance, these days mine is pretty thin.
      Nothing I can do to change it, or make it better. It just feels like a bad accident looking for somewhere to happen...

  6. I can't NOT watch anymore. I didn't used to be like that, but now I'm locked in. And it's ruining me.

    ! know that's more than 13 words, but, like I say, it's ruining me.

    1. It's truly terrible, what has happened in a year.

      And I do slide in now and then, listen to Colbert, pick up scraps, but no marathon binge watching of CNN or mindless rants by our POTUS.

      And we don't have TV.

      But yeah, I can understand the horrified fascination with this, like reading a really really awful murder mystery that is just intriguing enough to keep you turning pages.

      Go outside, hon. Play your flutes, and call some whales. Maybe annoy the dogs. =)