Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disclaimer, warning, whatever you want to call it 👷

For the past few weeks Ive been getting  daily "Anonymous" posts sent to me in email (which is where all the blogger posts go, before they end up here) for evaluation.  so far everyone of them has run along the lines of "this is amazing writing, I am encouraged so much by what you say and I am planning on starting a blog of my own..."   Delete, block.  👽☁

Anyone who makes an anonymous post will be blocked.  Unless (and this is important) they are someone legitimate having a bad hair day and can't get their post stuff to work the way it should.  in that case, email me and say, hey, this is X and im trying to post, etc etc. and I have no problem with that.


  1. I have moderation set, as you do, and it's easy to send these guys to spam. If they're blocked they're likely to show up with some other id. And they're bots, not people, so happily filling my spamfile is fine. Better than a slew of new ids getting in all the time. Works for me!

    1. The only concern I have is that now and then someone I DO know will show up as Anon, simply because their connection or whatever refuses to accept their ID. I always check out the language being used, and the id, which is usually bogus, and so far Im okay.