Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spellcheck, where are you when we need you (Thursday13)

(Or, rather, "spelchek ware r u wen we need u)

bear bier beer bare bayer

tear tier tare

pair pear peer pare

right rite wright write

ware where we're were

flour flower (and if youre from the south) floor

holey holy wholly

you're your yore

heir hair here hear

bore boar boor

four fore for

whale wale wail

desert desert dessert

new thursday 13


  1. Replies
    1. Even English speakers have trouble with it, I pity anyone encountering it for the first time. It's the homophones and sharp corners that do most people in and I've often wondered if other languages have the sound traps we do.

      Part of the problem is that there IS no English language, it's a ployglot of whatever comes by, from French to Tagalog to Dutch and, but tricky.

  2. Two deserts? I'd rather two desserts. Really, I don't know how kids learn English with some words have 5 different spellings. And then there are the words like spell and spell that are spelled the same but mean two different things.

    1. you can burn a house down or burn it up at the same time, with just one match...

      flammable and inflammable are the same thing

      actually...'come sit a spell' or 'spell me on the saw, my arms are tired", or "spell that word correctly" or "I put a spell on him..." and "he had a bad spell there, didn't he?"

  3. Clever.

  4. How about horse and hoarse or alter and altar?
    Happy TT!

    1. moat and mote
      site, sight
      loam and loom (either one)

  5. The English language is a funny thing, isn't it.

  6. we don't knead no friggin spell check

    1. dam strait

      u no wut I meen am I righ?