Wednesday, June 14, 2017

monday, monday

Two weeks ago  Monday was a party at a cousin's house,  an all-out, catered, band-playing celebration for a son who just got his PHD in one of the nuclear sciences (and that is as close as I can get to it)--it was an outdoor party, replete with a food tent, the band, local caterers,  the honored son, 100 or so of their closest friends and relatives, and rain.

No one seemed to mind.  The six grandkids, all under the age of 5, had a wonderful time running and running and running...the band, all over the age of 60, had a wonderful time playing and playing and playing for well over 6 hours straight...

Before we left home I debated if maybe a heavy sweater might be too much, and brought along a felt jacket too, just in case it got chilly.  lol.  I don't think it  got much above 40 all day.  We all huddled in the tent with the heater until the band cranked up and then we all  huddled a bit further away.

By six o'clock I had consumed three cheeseburgers,  at least six bakery cupcakes (the kind with the GOOD icing), and little else.  I could no longer feel my fingers, and my husband, mr. "I love the cold weather" finally admitted he was actually cold too.  It rained harder.  But it was fun, and I'd not have missed it for the world.   =)


  1. Glad it went well! I crossed an ocean to be safe from freezing cold summer parties! Sounds like childhood trips tp the beach, beautiful white sands, crashing sea, temps in 40s and everyone bravely saying well, it's not raining!

    People more hardy than I loved it though.

    Congratulations to the new PhD.

  2. Any time there's an outdoor party we assume if it might rain, it probably will, and if the prospect is for good weather, bring your rain gear anyway.
    The weather gods LOVE this sort of thing. Our woods walk a year ago last April was like that, too; it started to rain as we started to walk, and stopped not long after everyone left. It does make you wonder.

    He's a happy happy man right now, and off to his first 'real time' job. We can only wish him well, and watch.