Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yahoo not...

It would appear that Yahoo is being swallowed by Verizon. In thinking back, it was almost inevitable this would happen, as the company  for years has been shrinking its services, shortchanging its customers, and now is basically dumping us.
I have no idea what to do.

Flick'r has 222 of my photos.  I don't store them there, no worries, but if Yahoo goes, does Flick'r?  it's become one of the more accessible places to post photos on the web.  I have (and so do a lot of other people) about a bazillion email addresses with varying names for various endeavors.  Luckily they so botched up Messenger this time I got out of the habit of it.

For now, Im going to wait and see what Verizon does to us. It may be awful, (the rending of clothes and bare flesh kind of awful) or seamless.  Somehow I don't think  'seamless' holds out much hope.

I read the TOS, and by the fourteenth paragraph my eyes glazed over, and I gave up.

I feel sorry for people who are submerged in the email package,  that can be a nightmare when you have to change your email addy--again--

If anyone has suggestions about how to transfer this blog to a new email address, please let me know. I have read everything I can find, and apparently the bottom line is, you don't get a new email addy and attach it to the blog,  you move the blog TO it.  yeah, I know. That made my eyes water too.


  1. There's always the nuclear option. If I can't access my blogs, I plan to abandon them and start a new ones. I have all the pix elsewhere and long ago decided the text isn't exactly deathless. So there's that.

    I might do a Dolliver blog..

    1. A dolliver blog would be great fun, Liz, they could even write parts of it themselves; and of course the cats would want to be included...

      I have considered nuking this, if it came to that, or at least just put a 'closed' sign on it with a link--then again it may not come to that. I have no idea what the deal will be with Verizon or how much of our old connections they will tolerate. Frankly I'd not miss all the silliness with Yahoo mail.