Monday, May 15, 2017

Weather Update

Two mornings ago as I peered through the torrential rains, I noticed that the temperature outside was a hearty 33 deg.

This morning as I peered through the torrential rains I noticed that it had risen dramatically, all the way up to 36.

Mt. Washington (which is our weather god here) had a foot of snow last weekend,  and places north of here had six inches overnight.

The peepers are back, singing their little lungs out, the birds have been spotted wearing color coordinated rainwear, and the grass she grows and grows...

What I did notice, which is extremely cool, the colors across the field mimic and mirror the colors in the fall.  The red maples have new little red buds, the new birch and beech leaves are yellowish, and it looks like a pale imitation of what's to come next fall.

Liz, I think this is your nor'easter. Thank you.


  1. You painted a lovely picture with your words. I hope you warm up soon.

    1. We are promised 70s and low 80s tomorrow. oh, joy. Turns out mt. washington got 30 inches of snow last weekend. yikes.

      This is, (she said resignedly), New Hampshire. It happens. I will try to cut a swath through the lawn (which is by now moving with the wind) after it dries up a bit...

      And thank you.